about tipstudio.


I’m Daisy. I like folk music and my sofa, I love a cup of tea! I trained in Architecture at Glasgow School of Art before moving south to practice. Architecture instilled in me a fascination with the concept of negative space - that which we create as architects by enclosure - as well as the creation of a solution through design. In my higgledy piggledy brain it was a short hop over to casting - the process of making a negative space positive or solid. After a course in Mould Making and Casting at Central St Martins I was smitten. I now can’t look at anything without analysing what the space in or around it would look like upside down and inside out! This makes life slightly tiresome for my poor family, who steadfastly put up with me squirrelling objects away “because they might be interesting”.


The theme of reuse runs through every seam of my work. It is a philosophy I live by and this continues both into my studio practice and the pieces I create. Most shapes start life as a found or recycled object; either the space within it or the shape itself. I then adapt this item (with much associated angst, a bit of swearing and quite a lot of clay and plaster) until I’m happy with it before taking a mould.

Reuse of waste materials influences the eventual outcome of my work as much as the start; the additions I put into the pieces are, most often, items that would otherwise end up in landfill. I love that something that would be considered ‘rubbish’ on the face of it by many can be recycled and reused to make something beautiful.

I am lucky enough to live and work in the Hampshire countryside; meaning that I am surrounded by inspiration every day. The colours, textures and compositions within the landscape inevitably make their way into my work; but usually in a more abstract nature.


Having initially experimented with various construction materials Jesmonite is now the primary material used in the studio. It was developed in the 80s in the UK as an alternative to cast concrete or GRP for the construction industry.

Jesmonite consists of a natural mineral base and a water based binder, resulting in a VOC free, robust, tactile material which has the ability to pick up even the finest detail of a mould and happily carries most of the additions I throw at it.

Alongside Jesmonite my work predominantly focusses on creating unusual and beautiful results with found, waste and reused materials (quite often natural) - responding to my surroundings and environment and celebrating the unique variety these can add to a piece.